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As a stage four breast cancer survivor I have suffered unbearable pain for over five years. Six months ago my doctor prescribed Marinol to ease my nausea online premarin.

At seventy-one I am experiencing freedom from pain through the use of medicinal THC, drug name Marinol. Just 7.5 milligrams once a day, provides me with a pain free life, filled with happiness, hope, and goals for the future.

My doctor and the pain clinic had tried everything including Hydrocodone 60 milligrams daily, but no pain relief.

Now despite an unstable, collapsed lumbar spine that is inoperable, I am pain free and able to participate in life in a way that was impossible six months ago.

I can do this for two reasons. The first is acknowledging that while I am without pain, the trade off is that my perception is impaired, including no longer able to drive.

My kind and caring husband of thirty two years has made it possible for me to make the decision to continue taking Marinol, and take over the responsibilities of caring for me and our household. It has given me a new lease on life.

I created this Blog to encourage conversation about this experience. I am one of a very small population of cancer survivors, who has benefited , of using Marinol, a natural alternative to other possibly lethal pain killers like opiates.

While cautioning ‘handle with care’, it is great to feel no pain. Not so great to relinquish total control. In taking Marinol it would be careless and irresponsible to not be mindful of its side effects.But some impairment to perception, and relinquishing alcohol,is a fair trade for feeling this good!

14 thoughts on “THC Stops Cancer Pain for 24/7

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  5. Pamela Nye

    The daily use of Dronabinol over the past year has allowedd me to evaluate its effects on all aspects of my life. I have noticed a marked change in my affect. From a year ago, my outlook has changed from one of pain and suffering, to one of painless pleasure in daily activities. To be pain free, makes cancer-free so much more meaningful.

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  7. thcpainfree Post author

    Thank you for your comments. I hope to bring attention to the world that my experience has shown that the use of Dronabinol has greatly increased my quality of life. Today I can enjoy mobility through freedom from pain and no longer am restricted to its limitations. My life has opened up and I can plan a future!

  8. thcpainfree Post author

    To my knowledge the use of Dronabinol is extremely restricted. It has been my experience that this alternative to relieve pain is not currently recognized as such. In my case it was prescribed by my Oncologist to relieve the sysmptoms of nausea. Luckily for me, this miraculous side effect was that I experienced a far more effective pain relief from Dronabinol than anything previously prescribed for my cancer related pain. There is very little research in this area and very little actual evidence that medicinal cannabis relieves pain. This is my main objective for starting this blog. Hopefully it will gain interest by those who are suffering and those who need to gather information from actual patients like myself who have experienced the effects of being totally pain free after five long years of severe, unrelenting pain.

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  10. Pamela Nye

    This experience of being given a final prognosis..chronic pain with no viable means to relieve those agonizing symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, induced by Zometa, a drug used to counteract my propensity for developing osteoporosis.Severe pain from Taxil induced neuropathy of both feet, and finally severe pain from a total collapse of my entire lumbar sine, causing radiculopathies in all facet joints of my lumbar spine..became a turn around by the conventional prescribers of opiates and narcotics ..and after the failure of these drugs to relieve my pain…my Oncologist, in prescribing an alternative treatment for my ever increasing nausea. Instead it has dramatically relieved my the point where ,on one dose a day, I now get twenty-four pain relief using Dronabinol. An unexpected outcome and one that makes me healthier and happier every day.

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