At 71 first experience with ‘Pot’ is so positive. To be ‘stoned’ all day (12 hours) and happy.. Twenty -four hour pain free at the end of the road after 5 years of suicidal pain caused by effects of cancer. I never thought I can function so well and get such an awesome quality of life..thanks to Marinol.


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  2. thcpainfree Post author

    Thank you.If I explain how much my life has changed since I began taking Dronabinol, I would say it made me whole again. Although every day I experience pain from a total collapse of my lumbar vertebrae, Taxil induced neuropathy, chronic pancreatitis and most recently shingles around my left eye. Pain Free!!! Just take that in ..for at least sixteen hours a day. I do not want to be less aware during my waking hour.So I know I will never increase my dose..I love using my brain. Even more I love wellness and the feeling of strength seeping back into my body cell by cell as I slowly replace my pain with wellness and a sense of well-being. No it is not euphoria..I know that is a side effect of THC but this is deeper and more in keeping with my emotonal and spiritual self. I love my life and of the prospect of making plans and dreaming again after eight years of staring death in the face. I have indeed been reborn and every day -I get stronger..

  3. thcpainfree Post author

    Thank you. I am trying to take the message to the world that medicinal THC is a game changer for Cancer Survivors.It is not enough to be cured and free from the cancer cells that rob one of so much life. The ensuing pain from side effects of cancer and treatments is so suicidal and sucks out all the life one should be enjoying as a survivor. Dronabinol has given me back a joy of life, enhanced by the actual defeat of disease. At my age not common. Now I feel great, minimal side effects from pharma drugs for heart disease and stroke prevention. I am astounded by how much more effective Dronabinal is as compared to heavy duty narcotics and their minimal pain relief and dreadful side effects.
    Thanks for you response

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