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Achieve health and wellness through cancer related pain relief with Medicinal THC – Dronabinol/Marinol

Getting Healthy without Pain

IMG_2393IMG_2391IMG_2392Played mini-golf with our dear neighbors. It has been five years since I have had enough strength and felt pain free for over six months. The quality of my life has dramatically improved. No longer locked inside four walls..unable to move..bedridden..and dependent on my husband for basic needs. A total flip to being pain free with my use of Dronabinal.. 

Cancer related pain free with Medicinal THC

I have found a way to enjoy and take back my life after suffering from cancer for eight years. Now cancer free, I am also pain free and nausea free using Medicinal THC. While there is little published factual information on the use of medical THC to ease the suicidal pain associated with cancer, I am using this blog to diary my own personal experience with Medical THC to bring some positive exposure to this very real change to my quality of life by deciding to use a little researched and much maligned alternative to opiates.

I have used opiates and they made me more ill. After a year of using Dronabinol, I have regained a quality of life I didn’t think possible before I began taking Dronabinol. What I once thought would screw up my brain and turn me into a zombie, has given me back a joy of living I had not felt since my cancer diagnosis.

Sometimes my prejudices have lead to poor choices and in this circumstance I was so boxed into my ever increasing misery of unrelenting pain, I simply reached out to my Oncologist’s suggestion, mainly to get relief from nausea. It was surprising to find that one month into taking my daily dose, I found myself nausea free and pain free. Who knows if anybody else would get the same relief. I never used recreational THC. Maybe it works differently with me.

With my Nursing background and knowing how hard it is to cope with the pain that cancer and its treatment inflicts on the survivor, I decided to take my revelation public and use this Blog to share my experience.

Living the Dream

Who said the American dream was DOA. We aliens from foreign lands who chose to take up residence and Citizenship ,here in the United States are grateful for so  much.

In my case it is my life and my gratitude is to a wonderful expatriate who expertise in Radiological Oncology has reversed my ‘terminal’ status of Metastatic Breast Cancer to Cancer-free.  If he did not immigrate to the US and I did not immigrate to the US, we would never have met and my fate may well have been quite different.

So what does it mean to be cured of cancer? Well if I still had the cancer-related pain, my cure would have been a sentence to a life of harrowing pain. However, in these enlightened days in the US, all the states of the nation now allow the use of Medicinal Marijuana

Only in America has all fifty states now legalized Medical THC.For elder cancer treatment and aging. This is a positive step in the direction of living a quality of life while being affected by the effects of cancer treatment.

The hardest and most time-consuming part of setting up my Blog has been learning a whole new way of working.

After three straight months of 6 – 12 hours of sitting with my lapop, I have finally got the hang of it. THC taken as Dronabinol, used as drug to treat nausea,  totally stopping my back pain and neuropathies creates pain relief and percetual changes.

THC totally stopped my pain, about an hour after I took it this morning, as it has for the past year. I immediately started working on my Blog, not thinking about the pain. It is amazing what has happened over the past threee hours. I have begun to realize and comprehend the WP Tutorials! I am beginning to have the ability to use windows more effectively.  THC impairs my focus so badly that it can take ten minutes to write a sentence but somehow I have gotten here.

It takes pure grit to keep your mind together on this stuff and try to keep your thoughts from stopping you do what you have to. I am learning through Social Media how to develop my blog to share with so many of you  my message out to everybody in pain.  You can be cured of cancer, but if your not free from pain  you are not cured. THC has cured my pain and now I feel healthy and free of any illness and eager to keep you informed how Dronabinol is changing my life and my future on a daily basis. Have an awesome kind of day.