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After five years of suicidal pain, I found total relief from Medicinal THC. My cancer is cured, and now my cancer related pain including chemotherapy, Taxol induced neuritis of both feet. Also chronic pancreatitis, caused by Zometa, a bis-sulphate. Finally the agonizing pain of a total collapse lumber spine, blown out by a sneeze! After going the pain clinic route and addiction to hydrocodone caused by the doctor managing my pain by increase my opiate dose. Nothing else – not even the prospect of surgery. I went through a three week drop of 60 mgs to zero with my dose. I had done that about a year earlier. My life was transformed by Dronabinol, a medical Marijuana capsule. I did not get immediate relief, but within a month I found myself pain free within an hour. I remain that way until I go to sleep. I am waking to a pain scale of around 5/10 and I just wait until 8 am and take my daily dose of Dronabinol. It has increased my mobility, and decreased the number of heart drugs I have to take. I feel so healthy, and I am cured of cancer, but previous to taking Dronabinol, I had horrible pain for five years. Now I am free and feel so much happier and healthier.

Dronabinol an anon opiate alternative

Dronabinal Has Helped Me Manage My Cancer Treatment Side Effects

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cancer pain total relief with thc