Living the Dream

Who said the American dream was DOA. We aliens from foreign lands who chose to take up residence and Citizenship ,here in the United States are grateful for so  much.

In my case it is my life and my gratitude is to a wonderful expatriate who expertise in Radiological Oncology has reversed my ‘terminal’ status of Metastatic Breast Cancer to Cancer-free.  If he did not immigrate to the US and I did not immigrate to the US, we would never have met and my fate may well have been quite different.

So what does it mean to be cured of cancer? Well if I still had the cancer-related pain, my cure would have been a sentence to a life of harrowing pain. However, in these enlightened days in the US, all the states of the nation now allow the use of Medicinal Marijuana

Only in America has all fifty states now legalized Medical THC.For elder cancer treatment and aging. This is a positive step in the direction of living a quality of life while being affected by the effects of cancer treatment.

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