Medicinal THC/ Dronabinol

Now beginning my third formula of Generic THC/ Dronabinol, I am convinced that there is a lot of changes to the amount of each ingredient s different in three out three so for in my experience.

The good news is that there is a consistent level of pain relief across the spectrum. I am indeed in no pain at all. The cognitive changes are pretty uniform, but the big difference is that last month I followed about three hours of feeling tingling in my tough, lips, cheeks and lips. The deepening of the tingling corresponds with the level of pain relief.

My first experience was to get the nausea and pain relief within an hour, lasting up 16 hours without a hint of return. The cognitive effects were based mainly on acuity of thought.   Connecting dots.. revelations. Deep thinking, completely incapable of being distracted.. highly focused..thinking more logically. This status slowly wore off imperceptibly through the evening.

My latest dose is having all the above effects, but after around 6 hours I have been falling asleep for around four hours, then wake refreshed, and totally lucid and not so deep thinking.