Got on the scales this morning, As one does..and to my surprise I have dropped another pound! I ask myself – what else does this drug have in store for me?
How did Marijuhana become so badly maligned by mainstream? Since commencing Dronabinol when I  feel happy for the first time in my life. All the traumatic experiences of my seventy one years have just floated away. Memories are on hold for the first time ever. Sad memories have given way to thoughts that now have room for what is happening to me today. I am feeling the real world, and life, seeping into my cells day by day.
It totally perplexes me to comprehend the reason why society has cursed the ‘weed’ for everything that my experience diametrically oppose!

Take pain as and example. The intense, constant, ugly all consuming sense, that just taking a breath will make it unbearable to live and despite my wish for freedom from the pain, I must keep living. Opiates were never efffective for my cancer pain, even at sixty milligrams a day.

The reality of my opiate use was minimal pain relief with increasing euporia, and an increasing divide between self and reality.

In respect to Dronabinol, the opposite happens.  On a daily basis I find myself getting total pain relief from a painkiller that is not yet on the FDA list for this usage.

Pain relief and the other positive effects I am finding as I use Dronabinol, are definitely not getting the attention of the principal actors. Healthcare professionals need to make major changes to the negative perception of THC  and map new algorithems to effectiely relieve pain.  Dronabinol in my mind, and from my experience, should be part of maintream thinking when decision-making on the choice cancer pain  relief.

By the way, to this point I appear to have an increased metabolism while taking Dronabinol and am not getting fat, while feeling happy.

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