For over a century there has been a belief that Medicine is a cure and not a cause. Strange to think that the medicine  that diseases such as heart disease is treated with  digitalis that is deadly if not strictly formulated into a chemical compound that can make us healthy, however in its pure form, as the’the deadly nightshade’ it is lethal.

I believe the principles apply for  medicinal Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the medicinal component of Cannabis, now I have spent the past 13 months taking a daily dose of 7.5 of Dronabinol.This is the medical THC generic version. In relation to pain relief it is a game changer, allowing me mobility I had not experienced for six years. in best practice for long term outcomes, this alternative could be used instead of opiates for patients like I, for chronic cancer pain.

Personally  I have taken both routes.For me it has been important to understand through my experience, that Dronabinol is not a synthetic drug. Certain parts of the plant are processed to produce a result. The big difference between Dronabonil is that IN my experience, Dronabinol maps my pain and formulates synergistic relief. Maybe because many opiates are synthetic, the body inadequately  maps pain relief differently with less effective outcomes.

As the weeks go by, I am becoming increasing engaged in my environment, as opposed to when I was adminstered  opiates when I just came under the influence of a chemical that changed the nature of my pain, without complete relief, and also affected my organic being, making me sick and superimposing a feeling of ill-health and dis-engagement or apathy. The opiate effect is the normal expectation,   whereas the scepticism of encouraging widespread Dronabinol research and outcomes is inhibiting the expansion of use of this healthy alternative.

Only when more people start thinking about the distinct line between the recreational THC and Medicinal THC, will there be the necessary progress toward the use of opiate alternatives such as Dronabinol web link. Enjoy  your day!

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