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Medicinal THC/CBD and the variation in Generics


Hello World!

Today I am confident in posting some important information to make you aware of choosing the right generic THC/CBD alternative painkiller for you.

I  am going to step back to a year ago. It was with a deep sense of scepticism by  being prescribed  ‘weed’, reluctantly I took my first dose. Remember my bio.. ‘seventy-one year female with no prior Cannabis experience, except in the capacity of voyeur!’

This was scary and I was struggling with  my vast knowledge of this illegal drug, and  lifetime exposure to the propaganda of the horrors associated with Cannabis use. Had to push back on the bad things ‘weed’ can do, and make a leap of faith at the possibilities of what the ‘weed’ might be able to do for me. Could it be possible that I could lose my four year old ‘morning sickness’ nausea, by taking a cannabis pill? Nothing to lose and nothing has worked before to give me one day of freedom from nausea. Maybe I could enjoy the smells of cooking. Or even get taste and enjoy the flavor of my tomato sandwich! That was the turning point to my life.

The next morning, I took my dose and sat watching  coverage of the election. Around forty-five minutes later I began to feel tingling around my lips, and my tongue. Then I found myself focusing on a sentence and time starting warping. Minutes seemed like hours, sometimes hours went by as if only minutes had passed.

It was when I first got up to make a cup of tea. I felt strangely free. I had no pain! I was totally free from pain. It made me feel light and gay, and uplifted. I walked upright. My feet did not cause me pain when I walked. Not a hint of back pain.  I also noticed that  I no longer felt that horrid morning sickness for the first time in four years had gone. I felt great, and the only thing that seemed different was that I felt my mind was slowed down so I could think deeper. Continue reading