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New Day -My Final Visit to Radiology Oncologist!

This is indeed a Red Letter  Day! After eight years of care from the Oncology Clinic, today I say goodbye to the Doctor who saved my life. His depth of knowledge , and humility to consult with two equally qualified colleagues, one from Duke, and one from West Virginia produced a cure for my cancer! For anyone suffering from cancer, the deepest and darkest fears we ever dread is the pronouncement that we have that terrible disease that robs us of our lives.

To me, my diagnosis came within three months of having a heart attack and a stroke. I did in fact, feel like it the last straw. My life was full and interesting. My husband and I were traveling during mini-vacations and life was grand. Suddenly, at age sixty four, here I was with not one, not two, but three of the worst diseases attacking me in short order. Continue reading

The hardest and most time-consuming part of setting up my Blog has been learning a whole new way of working.

After three straight months of 6 – 12 hours of sitting with my lapop, I have finally got the hang of it. THC taken as Dronabinol, used as drug to treat nausea,  totally stopping my back pain and neuropathies creates pain relief and percetual changes.

THC totally stopped my pain, about an hour after I took it this morning, as it has for the past year. I immediately started working on my Blog, not thinking about the pain. It is amazing what has happened over the past threee hours. I have begun to realize and comprehend the WP Tutorials! I am beginning to have the ability to use windows more effectively.  THC impairs my focus so badly that it can take ten minutes to write a sentence but somehow I have gotten here.

It takes pure grit to keep your mind together on this stuff and try to keep your thoughts from stopping you do what you have to. I am learning through Social Media how to develop my blog to share with so many of you  my message out to everybody in pain.  You can be cured of cancer, but if your not free from pain  you are not cured. THC has cured my pain and now I feel healthy and free of any illness and eager to keep you informed how Dronabinol is changing my life and my future on a daily basis. Have an awesome kind of day.


Hello world! Welcome to my Blog.

As a stage four breast cancer survivor I have suffered unbearable pain for over five years. Six months ago my doctor prescribed Marinol to ease my nausea online premarin.

At seventy-one I am experiencing freedom from pain through the use of medicinal THC, drug name Marinol. Just 7.5 milligrams once a day, provides me with a pain free life, filled with happiness, hope, and goals for the future.

My doctor and the pain clinic had tried everything including Hydrocodone 60 milligrams daily, but no pain relief.

Now despite an unstable, collapsed lumbar spine that is inoperable, I am pain free and able to participate in life in a way that was impossible six months ago.

I can do this for two reasons. The first is acknowledging that while I am without pain, the trade off is that my perception is impaired, including no longer able to drive.

My kind and caring husband of thirty two years has made it possible for me to make the decision to continue taking Marinol, and take over the responsibilities of caring for me and our household. It has given me a new lease on life.

I created this Blog to encourage conversation about this experience. I am one of a very small population of cancer survivors, who has benefited , of using Marinol, a natural alternative to other possibly lethal pain killers like opiates.

While cautioning ‘handle with care’, it is great to feel no pain. Not so great to relinquish total control. In taking Marinol it would be careless and irresponsible to not be mindful of its side effects.But some impairment to perception, and relinquishing alcohol,is a fair trade for feeling this good!