THC Synthetic produced in biopharmaceutical laboratory conditions…Has transformed my post cancer life!

THC Synthetic produced in biopharmaceutical laboratory conditions…Has transformed my post cancer life!marinol structure Marinol VS THC: Whats The Difference?

It would be hard to measure the degree of life that has been suffused into my body since I began taking Synthetic THC in the form of Dronabinol capsules..2.5 mgs First using a dose of three capsules at 6 am which afforded me around eight to ten hours of nausea relief and 18 hours of pain relief.  I enjoyed the last days of dear old Star, the playfulness of youthful Martini, and the ever constant love and attention of Larry..

Together we explored the possibilities of my life following a cancer cure, yet still suffering the horrendous side effects of the treatment used to cure my fatal disease.

There were many times when I could not think back on the achievements of my lifetime so far.  From being one of 48 designers represented in the 1988 fashion awards, where I showcased my creations on a National stage. To the honor of being chosen as the youngest Supervisor ever given that elevated status at the age of 28  at the Royal Children’s Hospital! To harvesting our first crop of apple cucumbers since living in America for a quarter of a century and so many highlights of a life being fully utilized!


In the early morning hours, when the effects of Dronabinol wore off, I found myself back in the dark misery of suicidal pain, and continual nausea where even the familiar smells of my bedroom became unbearably sickening to me. Every night for two and a half years I endured the existence of feeling on top of my symptoms, and capable of moving forward living my daily life and fulfilling our goals for the future. That effect of dronabinol lasted for 18 hours out of twenty four..

The remaining six were so unbearable that I was chronically sleep deprived. Through the combination of constantly wanting to ‘throw up’ and trying to find any position that could bring even a few minutes of lowering the severity of my pain, I found many nights , my thoughts were engulfed with a desire to ‘end it once and for all time’.

Now two weeks into my increased dose of 2.5 mgs of Dronabinol, synthetic THC, I am sleeping eight to ten hours a night with 24/7 pain relief. No..This has not acted as a gateway drug for me. In fact over the course of the last year  the maintenance dose of 7.5 mgs of Dronabinol has facilitated in a very healthy and non-traumatic way, the decrease of my chronic habituation to to benzodiazepine. Originally prescribes to relieve spasms caused by Gitelman’s Syndrome this drug had served its purpose, but was becoming a threat to the future of my health, physically, but more seriously, intellectually.

With the decreasing dose of benzodiazepines, has come an increase in in the muscular spasms I experience. However it is a small price to pay to be able to reduce the valium to 10 mgs daily from 40 mgs! I no longer use Restoril that this time last year I was taking 60 mgs at bed time and now, thanks to my helpful and careful doctor, I am off the drug completely.

My body has become accustomed to increasing activity levels and I get naturally tired. Falling asleep is easy when I am not plagued by nausea and pain. I feel so much more rested than I have in decades, just in the past week or so. It is truly amazing and lifegiving to be in my situation right now.